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SaviaThank you for visiting Civil Service College Uganda (CSCU) Website!
At CSCU, we nurture mindsets for the 21 st century and beyond. As the Uganda Public Service In-service Training institution, we are entrusted with building capacities of Public Officers and Institutions to effectively perform; supporting innovations management and Public Policy Research.
We strive to provide practical learning and capacity building experiences that meaningfully impact the way Public Officers perform and deliver services. It is a journey that we are making within the transformation agenda spearheaded by our mother institution, the Ministry of Public Service. I trust that with your support and engagement, the College will steadily grow into a centre of public sector development nationally, within the region and globally.
Once again, welcome to this website and you are urged to keep following our programmes and activities.
Thank you

Savia N. Mugwanya
Commissioner, Civil Service college Uganda