"Centre of Excellence for Public Service Development"

FAQ_No Question Frequently Asked Response
1 What is the mandate of Civil Service College? To build the capacities of Public Service Institutions and human resources for improved service delivery.
2 Why Civil Service College, yet we have other universities and tertiary institutions? Isn't it a duplication? The CSCU provides in-service training tailored towards building and enhancing capacities of Public officers to be able to deal with institutional inefficiencies, inculcate public service ethos and values, strengthen compliance to Government policies and service delivery standards. The work of the College is complimentary to other initiatives of government.
3 Where is Civil Service College domiciled and located? CSCU is a department in the Ministry of Public Service and located at Jinja Town, Plot 40/56, Kisinja Road.
4 What training programmes/services does CSCU offer? In CSCU we offer 3 categories of training programmes:
     a) Core Training Programmes: These are designed by the College based on Training Needs Assessments that come through the Service Wide assessments carried out by the Ministry of Public Service.
    b) Tailor made programmes: CSCU designs and delivers training programmes specifically requested for by Institutions to meet their needs.
    c) Mandatory Courses: These form a critical component of the continuous professional development path for Public Officers and are a mandatory requirement for career progression from one level to another.
5 Who is eligible for the CSCU Programmes? Public Officers in MDAs and LGs
6 How do I access training programmes at Civil Service College Uganda and do you also have Outreach Programmes? Annually, CSCU develops and advertises a calendar of training programmes, which can be accessed from our website; or directly from our office at Plot 40/56, Kisinja Road, Jinja Town and the Ministry of Public Service.
7 How are the training programmes funded? a) Co-funding
b) Full funding by requesting entities for tailor made trainings
c) Self funding