The purpose of this college is to provide capacity building and training information to all public officers in MDAs and LGs and to also share and showcase the activities, programs and achievements of the College.

The college was established in 2010 in direct response to the performance challenges facing the public Service development and acts as a change agent in the transformation of the Public Service that lethargic, non-responsive to clients’ needs, demotivated, to one which is flexible, client cantered, results oriented and able to adapt to national and global changes.

The above qualities are underpinned by a public service that exhibits professionalism, quality services and meets clients’ satisfaction.

The College has developed and continued to develop relevant courses to address public service challenges as well as MDALGs specific needs.

As direct beneficiaries of service offered by the College, we call upon MDALGs to take advantage of its unique placement for the betterment of your organization so that the Public service can take up its important role of supporting and facilitating the realization of Uganda’s development aspirations.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide quality demand-driven & and in-service training and support public policy research and innovations for improved performance and service delivery in the Public Service.