As a center of learning, innovation, and creative activity, the Ministry of Public Service Multimedia Space provides a safe and well-maintained environment for public servants and the general public to design and create multimedia projects. We offer a range of technologies, services, and experts to help you unleash your creativity and experiment with multimedia production. Multimedia spaces allow facilitators to create and edit videos, music, podcasts, and other audio projects.

The video recording space in the studio is a space designed for recording presentations, dramatic scenes, interviews, and other learning content. The studio includes the use of a camera, display screen, large monitor, and computer workstation for presentations and retrieving files.

Two audio recording spaces located in the control room are designed for recording podcasts, interviews, and other spoken work, as well as group video editing. The room includes two microphones and a computer workstation with recording and editing software.

Multimedia Studio can be reserved up to two weeks in advance but users may have only one active reservation in the system at a time.

You must be in the studio 30 minutes before recording time.

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