Welcome to the “Gender Mainstreaming Course” at Civil Service College Uganda. This essential program is designed to provide public officers with the knowledge and tools necessary to integrate gender perspectives into policies, programs, and projects effectively. The course covers fundamental concepts of gender equality, the importance of gender-responsive planning and budgeting, and strategies for overcoming barriers to gender mainstreaming. Participants will gain insights into how to promote gender equality in various sectors, ensuring that the needs and interests of all genders are considered and addressed.

Throughout the course, you will engage in interactive sessions, including lectures, group discussions, and practical exercises. These activities are designed to deepen your understanding of gender issues and enhance your ability to implement gender-responsive initiatives in your work. By the end of the program, you will be equipped with the skills to advocate for and drive gender mainstreaming within your organization, contributing to more equitable and inclusive public services. This course is vital for public officers dedicated to fostering gender equality and creating an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

This training is to guide staff in the beneficiary organizations on issues related to Gender Mainstreaming.

Our lessons from our development journey have led us to acknowledge our responsibility to fully embrace, model, and apply the best practices in Gender and development in all our work and life. This requires that we actively identify and disseminate the lessons learned.

This Gender Mainstreaming Course encompasses decades of deep experience, learning from others, and our own journey in appreciating the roles and gifts that women and girls, men and boys bring to sustainable development and economic transformation.

It represents yet another milestone in codifying the insights and progress in implementing transversal themes focused on gender. In case you have been “gender blind”, it is your turn to see and understand gender from the right perspective!

You are therefore welcome to make a change regarding gender mainstreaming for your institution, the country, and the world