Day in, day out, everything is a process. How you get ready in the morning, do your grocery shopping, prepare for travel trips, and especially your job; everything is a process. Many people tend to focus on processes mostly at work because their professional career depends on it but, everything is a process.

Work processes are the glue that holds things together and ensures that activities/tasks are completed in a way that’s systematic, organized, and involves as few dropped balls as possible. However, processes shouldn’t be operated with a “set and forget” mindset. They need to be consistently evaluated to identify bottlenecks, delays, and lapses, what’s not working, and then use that information to build more ideal systems for your team. Because change is the only constant on your team, your processes need to mirror or reflect this.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to build the capacity of the selected Institutions in work process management; control, review, improvement; optimization, and automation of work processes to improve the organizational workflow and efficiency.