Gidoi Andrew

·         Professional area of expertise:

o   Leadership, Management, Strategy & Execution Process, Project Management, Design Thinking, Creative Thinking

·         Current Activities:

o   Senior Consultant with CEMM Group

o   Project Support Officer with CEMM Group

o   Facilitation Leadership & Strategy & Execution Process

·         Key achievements:

o   Senior Manager of IT & Telecom Focused Services Company

o   Senior Manager, Uganda Telecom Limited

o   Member of Task Force on Uganda National ICT Policy

o   Member of Task Force on Uganda E-Government

·         Dream for my professional area:

o   Ability to impact change in clients handled by me.

·         Personal and Professional Values:

o   Personal Values: Loyalty, Generosity, Honesty, Self-Discipline, Humility.

o   Professional Values: Integrity, Honesty, Individual Responsibility, Open-Mindedness, Trustworthiness, Work-Ethic, Respect, Fairness, Compromise.

·         Summarized highlight of  key academic and professional qualifications:

o   FranklinCovey Leadership Programmes

o   Bachelor of Science Engineering (Electrical) Hons

o   Diploma in Management- Chartered Institute of Management

o   Certificate in Project Management

o   Franklin Covey Leadership Programmes (Student + Trainer)