Janet Asiimwe

Bio-Data and Contacts

Names: Janet Asiimwe (Ms.); Ugandan

Mobile Nos: +256 (0) 772 325 624 & +256 (0) 752 310 983 (Fort portal, Uganda)

Email Address: Janetkasiimwe@gmail.com; Skype ID: janet.asiimwe1

Twitter: @Janetkasiimwe1; Website: http://www.janetkat.com

Education Background:

Masters in development studies (Human Rights, Gender, Humanitarian Interventions & Global

Justice); Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice; Bachelor of Laws (LLB)Makerere University,

Kampala (1997-2001)

Trainings Undertaken:

▪ Emergency Management, UNHCR, Brindisi Italy (Nov. 2023)

▪ Needs Assessments in Humanitarian Situations, UNHCR, Amman, Jordan, (Aug. 2014)

▪ Policy and Women’s Rights in Emergency Response ActionAid, Bangkok (Nov. 2013)

▪ Policy and Development, Kampala, Uganda (April – November 2012)

▪ Emergency Preparedness and Response, Actionaid, Johannesburg SA, (May 2011)

▪ Summer Course on Refugee Issues, York University, Toronto Canada (June 2008)

▪ Human Rights Monitoring and Reporting, HURINET Seeta, Uganda (April 2007)

▪ Country Information & Refugee Status Determination, UNHCR, Geneva, (April 2006)

▪ Protection, August 2005, UNHCR Kampala Uganda

▪ Refugee status determination, April 2005, UNHCR, Jinja, Uganda

▪ Repatriation of Refugees, November 2003, UNHCR, Mbarara, Uganda

▪ Resettlement of Refugees, May 2003, UNHCR, Entebbe, Uganda

Current Employment:

Field Associate, UNHCR Uganda (January 2020 to date)

▪ Organize & chair Interagency Sector Meetings & Capacity building for partners.

▪ Provide legal and other counselling to refugees.

▪ Monitor the implementation of UNHCR programmes including the delivery of all assistance

items and infrastructure development and maintenance.

▪ Collect data and other information relevant to UNHCR & advocacy for refugees & UNHCR.

▪ In coordination with implementing partners & government, guide and monitor the reception,

registration, and provision of assistance (CRIs)(NFIs) and services to refugees.

▪ Support Emergencies & Durable Solutions Activities

▪ Documentation|Develop reports and achievements of the organization & partners.

Previous Employment:

Field Program Coordinator (Team Leader) HIJRA Uganda (January 2017 – Dec 2019)

▪ Oversaw the staff and assigned Protection and Community Based Protection projects to meet

objectives within the allocated budget and time frame.

▪ Provided staff coaching and technical supervision to develop ownership / responsibility for


▪ Participated in coordination meetings and other working groups or meetings as required,

representing HIJRA and provided feedback to staff on relevant issues.

▪ Ensured periodic reports are produced, edited and sent to partners as may be agreed upon.


▪ Undertook and supported in fundraising, planning, budgeting as well as procurement activities,

financial management, monitoring and technical and financial reporting of the overall

mentioned project.

▪ Built and maintained relevant relationships and developed networks with the major

governmental institutions, local authorities and other actors that play a key- role within the

projects’ intervention areas.

Consultant|Governance Election Project – Actionaid Arab Regional Initiative, Jordan (July –

September 2016)

▪ Guided the Local Governance Team Planning and implementation of the Parliamentary

Election Project

▪ Initiated cooperation with Minstry of Political and Parliamenatry Affiars(MOPPA) and the

Independent Electral Commission(IEC) on the project.

▪ Coordinated all stakeholders(MOPPA,IEC, youth,selected CSOs and Global Platform) under

the project to facilitate their full support and contribution to the project.

▪ Monitored the implementation of the project which included creating awareness raising and

trainings of youth and selected CSOs on Governance along with Election Observation


▪ Led a team of 33 Local youth and CSOs to monitor the Parliamentary Elections of 2016

▪ Guided the stakeholders MOPPA,Youth and other CSO under the project on the development

of a comprehensive report on the election process and the law providing quiality


Regional Coordinator| Good Governance Program (ActionAid Arab Regional Initiative,

Jordan (2015 to 2016):

▪ Coordinated the Governance Program and identified and supported selection of partners in

the region (Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt).

▪ Built partnerships with the government on advancement of Good and Democratic

Governance & Decentralization.

▪ Built partner capacity and guided them on governance program development and

implementation in line with the partnership agreements and both partners goals and values.

▪ Built Youth Networks in the region and guided them on identification of governance issues

affecting them for campaigns.

▪ Developed Proposals for fundraising guidelines for partnership management.

▪ Developed and disseminated program reports and blogs.

Protection | Women’s Rights Advisor – EFAST – ActionAid Arab Regional Initiative –

Jordan (2014 – 2015)

Roles and Responsibilities


▪ Analyzed the impact of conflict on Syrian refugees specifically women and girls and designed

and integrated protection and women’s rights programs within the emergency response


▪ Strengthened capacity of the Emergency Response Program team and partners and guided the

implementation of the program

▪ Supported in the design of the emergency communication program

▪ Built protection and women’s rights networks in Zarqa and Mafraq Governorates and

empowered them to take the lead in advocating for women rights and protection issues

▪ Initiated a women at risk project that supported several women at risk in Zataari Camp

▪ Coordinated with UN Clusters particularly Protection and SGBV to raise protection and women

issues and influence clusters into joint actions to address them.

▪ Developed Emergency Response Funding Proposals

Program Officer – Actionaid Uganda, Kansanga Kampala, Uganda – Local Rights(2012 –


Roles and Responsibilities

▪ Planed, implemented, and monitored program activities that address Governance, women

rights and livelihoods concerns and submitted periodic reports in line with the country strategic


▪ Identified community and district level advocacy issues to inform national and international

policy and documentation of lessons learnt influencing alternative models.

▪ Built the institutional and Program Capacity of partners to implement program activities in

line with the organization plans and partnership Memorandum of understanding (MOUs).

▪ Identified funding gaps within the local partner areas of focus, generated concepts, and

proposals in line with local rights program strategy and Country Strategic Plan.

▪ Reviewed partner proposals and aligned them to community needs and priorities (during

planning and budgeting, review proposals) in line with local and Country strategic Plan.

▪ Drummed up CSO support towards advocacy and influencing issues affecting communities.

Other Experience related to Women Rights and Protection:

Project Officer; End Violence against Women – Actionaid International Uganda, (2010 – 2011)

Roles and Responsibilities

▪ Planned, implemented and monitored program activities that address women survivors of

violence and submitted periodic reports in line with the country strategic plan

▪ Identified community and district level advocacy issues affecting women victims of violence

and access to justice to inform national and international policy influencing

▪ Built the institutional and Program Capacity of partners to implement program activities in

line with the organization plans on ending violence against women and partnership

Memorandum of understanding (MOUs)

▪ Supported local partners and stakeholders develop strategies to curb violence against women

and girls

▪ Coordinated the women’s shelter and offered survivors of violence psychosocial support,

legal aid

▪ And documented evidence that led to the Initiation of advocacy campaigns to end violence

against women

Volunteer/Trainee – UNHCR, Department of International Protection & RSD UNHCR

MBT M5094A 94, Rue Montbrillant, 1202, Geneva, Switzerland (April – June 2006)



Roles and Responsibilities:

▪ Corresponded with UNHCR Branch Offices, Desk Officers and Legal Advisors in the view of

examining the UK Home Office CIPU Country Reports / Operational Guidance Notes and

providing relevant comments/observations.

▪ Expanded the Refworld glossary of terms 2006

▪ Contributed to the collating and inserting reports from International Non-Governmental

Organizations and other sources for the Refworld 2006.

▪ Collated Country Information on Kosovo, West Papua New Guinea and the Uighurs of China.

▪ Contributed in checking and updating Country Information on the Content Publishing Unit

▪ Analyzed, edited and improved sourcing of the draft Dedovschina, Writnet and the UNCHR

Protection Learning Programme papers.

Protection Officer; Office of the Prime Minister, Disaster Management & Refugees,

Directorate of Refugees P.O.BOX 341, Kampala – Uganda (2002-2006)

Roles and Responsibilities:

▪ Processed Individual asylum applications for the Refugee Eligibility Committee to handle,

organized Refugee Eligibility Committee meetings and gave the Committee Legal Advice while

in Session and minute the proceedings

▪ Met and provided legal and other counseling to asylum seekers and refugees on various

Protection matters

▪ Researched on Human rights Information in Countries of asylum to keep the office abreast with

country-of-origin information, to help it make informed decisions while conducting Refugee

status determination.

▪ Assisted in planning and coordinating Protection activities with UNHCR and other

International and local Nongovernment Organizations in the Country

▪ Assisted in developing training materials and built capacity of government officials and other

partners to ensure refugee activities are carried out in accordance with international laws and


▪ Provided inputs to drafting the Ugandan Refugee Law

▪ Carried out field missions to assess and respond to emergency situations, monitor and supervise

field offices and make reports on protection and other concerns as found on the ground.

▪ Participated in registration & repatriation of refugees and monitoring of returnees in their home

Countries to ensure settlement and integration after repatriation

▪ Identified potential resettlement cases sharing them with UNHCR for further action

Other Experiences

▪ Legal Officer: Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, 100 Causeway, Mandela Road, 4th

Street, Beverly Court, Harare-Zimbabwe (Jan. – Dec. 2008) – Promoted human rights

through capacity building/empowerment of human rights defenders and documented

evidence for advocacy.

▪ Documented Human Rights abuses against internally displaced persons.

▪ Conducted capacity building of human rights defenders and civil society organizations on

human rights.

▪ Networking & Advocacy.

▪ Represented the organization in various forums.

▪ Drafted Reports.


Programme Officer: Eastern Africa Centre for Constitutional Development (Networking, Advocacy

and Activism) P. O. Box 3277, Kampala-Uganda (June – Dec. 2007)

Languages (written and spoken proficiencies):

English French Swahili Arabic

Excellent Basic Intermediate Beginner

Achievements under the Protection and Women Rights Programs

▪ Participated in the making of the Uganda Refugee Law 2006 personally incorporating

international laws relevant to the law.

▪ Participated in updating the UNHCR REF world DVD 2006 and UNHCR glossary of terms


▪ Developed national guidelines for Refugee Management in Uganda 2006.

▪ Coordinated with other actors and participated in the development of guidelines for

establishment and management of refugee safe spaces in 2014 Jordan.

▪ Participated in reviewing the Gender Based violence guidelines in Humanitarian situations in

2014 Amman.

▪ Built three women rights and protection refugee networks in Zarqa, Mafraq and Zataari

camp in Jordan to facilitate community-based protection.

Achievements under Governance Work

▪ Established 9 local CSO partnerships in Middle East and built their capacity in Governance

programing and accountability in practice.

▪ Initiated and managed the Election project that saw AA ARI commence a formal

partnership on the elections with the Government (MOPPA).

▪ Established and trained a network of youth and CSO Local Election Observers in Amman

and Zarqa Governorates in Jordan to observe the elections.

▪ Led a team of 33 youth and CSO to observe the Jordanian September 2016 Parliamentary

Elections making key recommendations to improve democratic governance in Jordan.

Professional References

Aloysius James


Caritas Australia – Nepal

Email: aloysiusjames@gmail.com

J. Oloka-Onyango (Prof.)

Makerere University

Human Rights & Peace Center

P.O.Box 7062

Kampala – Uganda

Tel: + 256 41 532954

Email: joloka@law.mak.ac.ug

Caroline McCausland

Regional Director

Actionaid Arab Regional Initiative, Jordan