Mr. Aggrey David Kibenge


Aggrey is a public policy, administration and management graduate with background training and experience in teaching (a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Master’s degree in Public Administration and Management, both of Makerere University). He has over 20 years of experience in administration after crossing from teaching to the administrative cadre and has risen through the ranks, from the rank of Senior Assistant Secretary (1999) to Under Secretary (2010) and Permanent Secretary MoGLSD (2019).

Aggrey had a short teaching stint at City High School (1985-88) and has for the greater part of his public service career served in the education sector (1993-2012). As the Ministry’s Public Relations Officer (1999-2012), he was central in the development and marketing of all policies and programmes of the Sector.

In February 2012, Aggrey moved to the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, as the first substantive Under Secretary for this new Ministry, which had just been split from that of Trade and Industry. He is remembered, during his brief 7 months tenure, for setting up systems before moving to Office of the Prime Minister, where he served for 4 years. On 24th October 2016, he returned to the Education Ministry.

At the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Aggrey is credited for championing a number of reforms aimed at restoring the image of the Office and confidence of staff in the aftermath of the Kazinda saga. He was appreciated as a great team player, who as Chairperson used OPM Sports Club to achieve greater harmony and social responsibility amongst staff.

As one of the pioneer students of the Leadership and Change Management programme at Uganda Civil Service College (CSCU), Aggrey’s potential to act as a change agent was noticed and harnessed to support the quest for a transformed public service into an efficient, effective and responsive administrative machinery. He did not only serve as OPM’s representative on the CSCU Management Committee but also as Facilitator to a number of programmes.