Mr. George Wafula,

Your professional area of expertise; I am an enthusiastic Human resource practitioner for the last 16 years who believe in developing others to meet their career aspirations. I am a believer in the ‘Professionalism in executing my duties and therefore I believe in Obtaining, developing and motivating the human resources required by the organization to achieve its objectives. I possess extensive wealth of experience in Human Resource management both at Local Government and Central Government. And am good at Making the best use of skills and capacities of all those employed in the organization and my current area of expertise include; Human Resource Planning and Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Professionalization of all Cadres in Public Service, Talent management and succession Planning.

C)                 What You are currently doing and with which institution or self; Am an Assistant Commissioner, Human Resource Management- Ministry of Public    Service –Uganda and my current tasks is to coordinate, support and guide the effective development, implementation, monitoring and   evaluation of Human Resource Planning Policies, Strategies, Regulations, Procedures and guidelines in the Public Service and for self, am pastor as well a farmer.

·         Your key achievements.

a.       Coordinated the development of the Public Service Human Resource Planning Frame work.

b.       I have developed and mentored a number of staff of Human Resources whenever I have worked.

·         Your dream for the Public Service of Uganda: Professional Public Service that is fully equipped to perform their public function with diligence.

·         Your personal and professional Values: Honesty, Integrity, Transparency Accountability, Confidentiality, Objectivity, Respectfulness, Obedience to the law and Loyalty.